Lake Minnetonka Photography

Family & Child Photography

Family and child photography is my speciality. After a decade of working with young children, I have experience working with all types of families, coaxing beautiful images from all personalities.

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Engagement & Wedding Photography

Engagement and wedding photos can be as traditional or as silly as you want them to be! Together we will enjoy a relaxed and fun photo session that will highlight who you are individually and as a couple.

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Senior Portraits

Senior pictures capture who your teen is today while providing a glimpse of the adult they will become tomorrow. We'll work together to pick the perfect location and the right props to celebrate your special graduate!

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Special Moments

Some special moments don't take place in a traditional setting - they might happen at a memorial service or in a hospital room. During these special moments I will work with your family to honor or remember your loved one with photographs you will cherish forever.

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“Moment by Moment” was born from my love of candid photography. It’s the moments when we forget that someone is watching that we tend to truly be ourselves. A photo of a child dousing her father with crisp fall leaves says so much more than telling them to look right at the camera and “say cheese”!

-Sarah Solmonson
Moment by Moment

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